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Underwater Adventures is a dive club and school with meetings throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. We have meetings at the Orange Tree pub in Hitchin, the White Horse Pub in Bedford, and the Red Bull pub in Cambridge, plus pool session at the Robinson pool in Bedford and the Bourn golf club just outside Cambridge. Offering PADI scuba diving courses for all levels from beginner to instructor, UK dive trips all year round plus many foreign dive trips. We offer full equipment servicing and compressed air or nitrox fills delivered right to your door as well as equipment rental and servicing plus discounts.
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Humongous thanks to the most tolerant and supportive instructor I could ever have wished for! Today's dive in the Lake was awesome and I loved every minute! Next dive - Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka in 3 weeks!!!
Underwater Adventures have blessed me with a whole new world. Please ensure you contact them for all your scuba inquiries! Stephen is an exceptional instructor and the other divemasters involved really have been outstanding throughout my 6 months of training and preparation... it has been a long road but I am over the moon. I am now a PADI open water scuba diver and immensely proud of myself!

Aiden Lunnon, Hertfordshire 5 out of 5 stars
PADI Scuba diving training Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridge


Red Sea liveaboard dive trip

I recently attended a dive holiday with Underwater Adventures dive club.  We went to Egypt and stayed on a liveaboard with a company called Blue O'Two.  This was my third time visiting Egypt for diving but my first time on a liveaboard.  I had my reservations at first, will there be enough space for all the passengers, will there be enough food (I don't like to be hungry) and will I constantly be seasick and ruin my dive experience.  All of those reservations quickly disappeared.  From the moment we stepped onto the dive boat to the moment we departed, the experience was amazing.  The Blue O'Two staff were fantastic.  They could not have done any more for us.  We had a huge variety of food and there was certainly no shortage of it. The chefs were extremely accommodating to those with special dietary requirements and we were even able to get a birthday cake or two. 
The guides were professional and friendly.  The staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Our kit was always prepped and ready to use and the dive sites that we visited were beautiful. We started the trip with a couple of check out dives at one of the 'closer to shore' dive sites they offer and finished the day with a night dive. Although this was an easy site that Blue O'Two used for check out dives, it was still some great scuba diving with loads of sea life. Overnight we headed out to Brother's reef and our search for the big pelagic fish began.  We were certainly not disappointed with plenty of large fish cruising along in the currents, and after hanging out in the blue for a bit we were treated to our first Thresher Shark, what an amazing experience!  After a dive on Big Brother, we headed over to Little Brother and some of the team dived one of the wrecks there.  The current was a little strong and made for a bit of hard work, but it was still a nice wreck dive.
The next morning we woke up on Daedelus Reef and experienced some more great diving in the currents and yet more sharks with Thresher, Hammerhead and Grey Reef sharks all spotted out in the blue.  We also had the pleasure of a visit from a group of dolphins and a few of us got to go out on the RIBs with a guide to follow the dolphins and watch them play around in the water around the dive boat.  We also had a number of Oceanic White Tip sharks cruising around under the boat which gave us some great opportunities for photos and video footage

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The next day we headed up to Elphinstone Reef. This is one of the most beautiful reefs in the Red Sea. Unfortunately, because we had been so spoilt on the previous reefs with all the sharks and dolphins, even such an amazing reef as this seemed a bit of a come down, so after two dives here, we headed back towards the shore and one of the bays which is famous for the giant green turtles and resident dugongs.  This was a great dive to end the day with huge stingrays and green turtles in the seagrass, happily eating away, allowing us to get close and enjoy the experience of being with such amazing animals.  That evening the boat took us back to the Brother Islands where we had another great day scuba diving in the currents with yet more Thresher and Grey Reef Sharks.  Another two dives done and more memories made.  It was then time to head back to shore for our last night in Egypt where we treated ourselves to a lovely meal and maybe one or two cocktails as we talked about the scuba diving we had done and the amazing things we had seen and experienced.
All in all, this was certainly the best dive holiday I have ever been on and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet experienced a liveaboard. 

Blog Post by Kerry Louw,
Dive Club member



Dive trip to Buckland Lake,
Just south of the Dartford crossing is Buckland Nature reserve which is home to southern scuba, a small dive centre on a big lake and last Sunday a number of the dive club’s members headed down there to check out what the scuba diving was like in the lake.
With the 
centre opening at 10 am it was a relatively late start for us, which I think was appreciated by most of us heading down there on a Sunday Morning, and bot, what a lovely day we picked. There were only around 6 other divers there for the day which was good as even with the group from underwater adventures dive club, there was plenty of room in the small kitting up area for everyone.


We split into two groups with the first group arriving a little earlier for breakfast and being able to get in the water around 10:30 am. The Viz was pretty good at around 4
metres and the surface temp around 13 degrees which is not bad for this time of year especially with the cold winter we had. Once in they headed west and followed the ropes around some of the sunken wrecks specially placed int eh lake for us to take a look around. Just as they finished their scuba dive, the second group went in and this time they went east to look for the fabled Great White Shark this lake is famous for. We found just after we jumped in and despite being covered in growth, you could still make out the shape of the plastic Shark. They carried on around to the large boat wreck and airplane on that side of the lake. Even with the water warming up nicely most of the fish life we still resting at the bottom as they do over winter, so we didn’t get to see much fish life but the wrecks and the good viz ability made up for that.


For the second dives of the day, the two groups swapped directions. So, after a lovely cup of tea and a bit of a sit in the sun enjoying the weather, we jumped in for out second scuba dives. The Viz was just as good as the first dives and there is a lot of really interesting wrecks in the lake which I’m sure will be made all the better when the fish wake up and come and join us for our scuba dives. This is a really nice setup and being so close and easy to get too, I’m sure we will be popping down there again for another scuba dive at some point this year.

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Dive club trip to Porthkerris, Cornwall
Last weekend 8 members of the dive club headed down to Porthkerris in Cornwall for a weekends diving with Porthkerris divers and the wonderful facilities they have on offer.
On Friday 11th May we set off just after 9 am with the plan to stop at Vobster Quay inland dive site for a couple of scuba dives to help break up the long journey. Vobster is a well set out dive site with excellent facilities and although the water temp dropped down to single figures below 10 metres it was still a bearable 11 degrees in the shallows which is not bad for this time of year and with viz of between 3 and 4 metres, it was a really pleasant couple of scuba dives and a good chance to wash off the cobwebs from the winter season for those who’ve not dived in a while.
That evening we arrived at Porthkerris, at least most of us didn’t as without phone signals a few of us had a little trouble finding the log cabin we were staying in. The log cabin itself is a nice set up with plenty of room for all 8 of us and a log burner in the corner of the living room to add to the comfort. After a lovely meal of chili and jackets prepared by Steve and washed down with a couple of beers, we all had a relatively early night to be ready for the next morning’s diving.


Saturday arrived and with 5 scuba divers booked to head out on the Celtic Kitten, one of the dive boats which launch from the cove and the remaining 3 scuba divers choosing to start the day scuba diving the local reef, we were up bright and early and with a nice fry up inside of us we headed down the 200 metres to the beach from which we would be diving.
The visibility on both dives down to around 3 metres with the plankton bloom starting, it took a little while to get settled but the water was calm and there was loads of life both on the reef and the wreck on which the dive boat had dropped the scuba divers on top off. With both dives done it was time for refills at the air filling station and a bite of lunch and with the café and air filling station both just off the beach, the set up here for scuba divers is excellent.
With both scuba divers and the dive tanks refilled, it was time for the second dive of the day. Everyone was diving as two groups off the beach this time with the plan to swim around the rocks to the Drawna reef, keeping an eye out for all the local fish life with finger crossed we might come across some of the giant cuttlefish which come in close this time of year to breed. We saw loads of life including some beautiful jellies and loads of fish but unfortunately, no cuttlefish this time. With the scuba diving finished for the day, 8 happy divers headed back up to the log cabin for a chat about everything we had seen over another lovely meal and a couple of beers.


Sunday arrived with some lovely looking sun outside and after breakfast, we headed down to the beach for another days diving. Although the diving was really good the biggest talking point was the 3 basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) which came in close to the shore. The second largest fish in the sea, this is truly an amazing experience. These gentle giants which can reach up to 8 metres in length are a sight to behold and the UK coastline is one of the best places in the world to see them and swim with them. All in all, this topped off a great weekends scuba diving with a great bunch of people. I would just like to take this chance to thank all my dive buddies on this trip for making it memorable.

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