The PADI reactivate course 

If it has been a while since you last scuba dived or you feel you could do with a little refresher training then the PADI ReActivate course is for you

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The PADI ReActivate course is designed to give those of you who might have taken a little break from scuba diving the confidence to get back into it. 


The PADI ReActivate course is made up of an online theory session which you can complete in your own time on almost any P.C, Tablet. or smart device so you can take it with you anywhere making this part of the PADI ReActivate course super flexible and able to fit in with you and your life. The second part of the PADI ReAcivate course is made up of two pool sessions at either one of our pools in Bedford or just outside Cambridge which will allow you to take your time and build your confidence in your own scuba diving abilities while going over some of the basic skills learned in your PADI open water course
Once you feel comfortable in your scuba diving skills and equipment we will register this with PADI and you will be issued with a new PIC card with your latest date of completion on it so that you can show it the next time you go diving anywhere in the world.
If you are planning on going away on Holiday and it has been a while since you have scuba diving one of the first things you will be asked is "When was the last time you did a bit of scuba diving?" and if it was more than 6 months ago you should be asked to jump in the pool for a little refresher just so the dive centre now that you are safe to go diving and not only might this be quite expensive but you will also be wasting some of your valuable holiday time that you paid a lot for and had been looking forward to since you booked the holiday. So with that in mind doesn't it make sense to do the PADI ReActivate here in the UK.
What We will go over

During the PADI ReActivate:
·         We will go over how to put your equipment together to make sure you remember and don't end up looking like a newb at the dive site.
·         Buddy checks and different types of entry into the water.
·         Go over the basic skills like mask clearance and regulator recovery so that you feel comfortable doing these skills should you need to on a dive.

We will send a lot of time work on your buoyancy so that you feel confident in your own control of where you are in the water and so you don't damage any underwater wildlife while you are scuba diving
 Have lots of fun.

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