Ever wondered what it's like to breathe underwater and feel weightless? Then why not try a PADI discover scuba session for just £59




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Take the first steps into your own underwater adventures with a PADI Discover scuba diving session.
Do you fancy having a go at scuba diving? Then come and have an evening of fun and experience the sensation of breathing underwater. The PADI discover diving program will be conducted by one of our PADI professional instructors or Discover scuba diving leaders in the comfort of one of our pools located in Bedford, or Cambridge. During your 1hr session, you will be given the chance to swim around breathing underwater to truly feel what scuba diving is like and what it is like to be weightless underwater. You will also learn a couple of basic safety skills to build your confidence and play a few Underwater games. All are designed to give you the most fulfilling and fun scuba diving experience.
We run sessions at the beginning of each month at the pool in Bedford on Thursdays and Cambridge on Monday's so you can pick which is easiest for you.
The Discover scuba diving session is open to anyone over the age of 10 years old but for those who are younger, we offer a bubblemaker experience.
The sessions are £59 each* and if you decide you like scuba diving and want to carry on and learn how to scuba dive with the PADI Open Water course we will deduct the price of your Discover Scuba Diving experience from the cost of the full course so it doesn't cost you anything more to try it out and see if you like it first


Upon completion of your PADI discover scuba diving experience we will talk you through your next step, the PADI Open water course.

The most popular and well-recognized scuba diving course in the world for people learning to scuba dive, and by doing your discover scuba diving experience with us you will be offered a discount when booking your PADI open water course. The PADI open water course is your first step into the underwater world and with this qualification, you can scuba dive anywhere in the world.

We also offer discover scuba diving gift vouchers just in case you know someone else who might want to have a go at scuba diving and you can find them here