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underwater games for scuba divers

During the winter season, most of us are a little reluctant to venture out to our normal dive sites and let's be honest, swimming around and around in a pool can get a let boring so I have come up with a list of possible underwater games we can play in the pool which will help us keep our scuba diving skills up while still in the nice warm pool while it's raining outside.


Egg and Spoon Race
There are a few variations on the spoon race, but the basic premise is balancing an object, egg or probably more practical golf ball on (or under) a spoon and swim as fast as you can without losing it. Another option is to use an upside-down spoon to keep a ping pong ball from escaping to the surface. For an added challenge, divers can try to hand off the egg or ping pong ball to a partner – relay race style.
Underwater darts
We have a number of toy torpedoes which I bring along to every pool night and with these and after fashioning some rings which we could place on the floor of the pool we should be able to sort out an would be an exciting game of darts by throwing the torpedoes through the rings, each of which will be of a different valve.
Obstacle Course
Swimming through a suspended hula hoop is one of the fun activities we do with the children on the master seal team course, and it’s also a great component to an underwater obstacle course. Swimming through a web of bungee cords or crisscrossing PVC pipe can also be a fun challenge. For advanced divers, create a passageway that requires the scuba unit to be removed and push it in front of them. We could set this up at the Polam swim school one evening because that is a private pool with a number of hoops and toys we can use and has a deep end of over 2 metres.


Night dive practice
Another one from the children’s master seal team course is the night dive. Again, at the Polam swim school as we can switch the lights off and have a bit of a laugh with our torches in the dark.
Underwater Running
As divers, we like to feel as though we’re one with the fish – gliding along effortlessly and moving with the current. But have you ever tried propelling yourself underwater the same way you do on land? Hand your fins to a buddy and try “running” along the bottom of a pool. It’s even harder (and funnier) than you might imagine. For added hahas, challenge another buddy pair to a race across the pool.