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Diving with blue sharks in cornwall
Blue sharks in Cornwall

Over the weekend of the 8th, 9th, and 10th July, we will be heading down to Porthkerris to stay in the cabin on-site and send the weekend diving with the plan to head out on the 10th July to spend the day in the deep water off the south coast of Cornwall looking for and swimming with the blue sharks.

Blue sharks are an amazing and beautiful shark found in the deep waters off the southern coast and getting to swim with them is an amazing experience. Due to the depth of the water, we won’t be actually scuba diving with them, but we will be using chum to attract them to the boat where we will be able to get in the water and swim and snorkel with them. The great thing with this trip is that due to the time of year and the location, there is a good chance we will also come across other really cool marine life including Whales, Dolphins, and Basking Sharks, so this is a dream trip for people who would like the chance to see come of the best marine life the south of the UK has to offer

Porthkerris is a diver’s haven with all we need to do some great diving within easy reach, and you can find out more about diving Porthkerris by clicking here. But this Porthkerris trip with the added bonus of a blue shark trip adding the cherry on top makes for one of the best dive trips we can offer and below is a video of our last blue shark trip in Cornwall to wet your appetite.

The stay at Porthkerris is £40 per person per night with the cost of diving Porthkerris included. This price in based on a 3-night stay, you don’t have to stay for the full 3 nights but you do need to pay for the 3 nights but this still makes it one of the cheapest long weekend dive trips on offer here in the UK. The blue shark trip is an extra £100 per person and includes a full day on the boat and we will be heading between 15 and 20 miles offshore, and this is the cheapest blue shark trip I have found on the south coast of the UK. We will be sorting out car-sharing and cooking most meals at the cabin to keep the cost of the trip down as these can add up quickly.
We have a maximum of 8 spaces in the cabin and 12 spaces on the boat so if there is enough interest I will look at booking rooms in the main house which are slightly more expensive and space will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis so if you are interested in this trip please let me know as soon as you can and I will need the 50% deposit in January to confirm you space on this trip. to book your space on the trip please get in contact with us