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Dive trips to Swanage
On the 21st of April, The Underwater Adventures Dive Club will be running it's first sea diving trip of the year to Swanage. This trip is perfect for new divers or if you would just like to wash the cobwebs off after the cold winter months ready for a year of some awesome UK diving.
We will be starting the day with a dive under the pier which has a max depth of 4 metres and the price of which is included in your Pier entry fee which is £1.80 if you walk in and £10.50 for a car to park all day. To park on the pier it is recommended that you arrive by 06:30 at the latest to make sure you get a space on the pier or if you would like a lay-in you can park up the hill a little bit after dropping your dive gear at the entrance, this is a little more expensive but save you having to get up as early.
If you need dive equipment for this trip you can hire it from the dive club and you can find the prices by CLICKING HERE
There is a dive shop and filling station on the pier so you can get fills and any bits and pieces you have forgotten to bring with you. 
Entry for the dive is down the steps to the side of the pier and high tide is at 10:24 so perfect for a morning dive or two.

During the afternoon we have booked to dive the Valentine tanks with Swanage boat charters on their boat "Viper" which is the larger of the two boats they run from the pier with plenty of space and a really good tail lift for getting out of the water with your dive equipment. If you have never used a dive lift before, you will love this as it makes getting out of the water so much easier and you will never want to go back to using Ladders again. The boat dive is £35 each to be paid upfront.
The Valentine tanks are a couple of World War Two tanks at about 15 metre, depending on teh tide, and are normally full of life which you can see from the video we shot on last year's dive to this wreck.

Weekends Wreck diving, 11th and 12th of May

Then over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of May, we will be heading to Swanage again for a weekend's diving. This will be 2 boat dives each day but we have not booked anything for this trip yet as we will wait to see what wrecks those of you who wish to join us would like to do, but I am thinking we would do the wreck of the Kyarra as that is the most popular wreck to dive out of Swanage plus maybe a couple like the Clan Macvey and/or the Aeolian Sky. As these are deeper wrecks around the 30-metre mark, we can also book some spaces on some shallower wrecks for those who would like to build up a bit more experience in UK diving.

To book on either of these trips please WhatsApp us on 07805045867 or drop us an email for the
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