Project aware coral reef conservation Course

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Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation Course


The Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course informs divers and no- divers about the plight of the world’s coral reefs. The course describes how coral reefs function and why they are so important. It also reviews why many reefs are in serious trouble and what individuals can do to prevent further decline. Most divers, snorkelers, and environmental enthusiasts have already visited or plan to visit a coral reef. The Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course provides the knowledge base for proper interaction while touring a reef.

All profits from this course go to Project aware.



We offer the very highest level of PADI scuba diver education designed to teach you to scuba dive safely using the most up to date teaching practices. The PADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course covers information about coral reef distribution, diversity, formation & ecology. It also reveals factors that threaten reefs and discusses conservation measures to protect these invaluable living resources.
With underwater adventures project aware course, all profits go directly to Project aware


The price we tell you at the start is the price you will pay for the full course. Unlike some other dive centres, you won't need to pay extra for the open water dives or PADI books and fees.

What you will learn on this course

The Project aware coral reef conservation course will cover;
  • An introduction to Project AWARE [Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility & Education].
  • The importance of coral reefs to marine ecosystems and coastal areas.
  • Coral reef and reef inhabitant biology, association and competition.
  • The status of the world’s coral reefs and detrimental land-based and ocean-based activities that put reefs in peril.
  • Suggestions and information about actions that may help to protect reefs, including responsible diving and snorkeling practices.


The Project aware course is run throughout the year normally before one of our foreign dive trips to help our divers build up awareness of the reef environment they will be diving on and how best they can protect for future divers. You can find out the exact date of our next course by contacting us directly and we would be happy to help


  • Access to the online meeting and a recorded version of it for you to look back on anytime afterward
  • A donation to Project aware (which you can add to if you wish)
  • PADI certification fee
  • In other words, everything you need to learn in a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere.

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